I know I looked at a calender recently and I do believe it said 2014 but when I read this story I could have sworn it was sometime in the 1950's. A police commissioner from New Hampshire has the town up in arms over a comment that he made about President Obama. The reason I thought it was the 1950's is that he referred to the president using the infamous 'N' word in describing our current president. People in the town were outraged as was I when it was found out that he did not intend to apologize and saw where as he did nothing wrong. Are you serious? This is 2014 we have an African American as president that was elected by all of us, black,white,red,yellow,etc.. NOT 1950.We have come so far in this country to yet be slapped with predudice about a person because of their skin color. What do you think should happen to the police commissioner?