According to Tuscaloosa City Schools, a community meeting will be held at Tuscaloosa Magnet School on Tuesday, November 13 at 6:30pm to discuss the rebuilding of Alberta School (formerly known as Alberta Elementary), which will house students in grades K-8.

Plans for the new school include a branch of the Tuscaloosa Public Library as well as a health center and computer lab, which the public may use.  Sounds great, right?  Well, it gets better.  A proposal by Dr. Paul McKendrick, superintendent of Tuscaloosa City Schools, calls for the curriculum to include opportunities for many performing arts, a very welcome change since budget cuts a few years ago eradicated such programs from many area schools.

It is also said that while the students in the Alberta area will be automatically zoned to attend that school, students in other parts of the city will have the opportunity to transcend their own zones and attend the new Alberta School.  Of course, none of these ideas are concrete plans just yet, but the school board is looking forward to sharing information with the entire Tuscaloosa community as well as receiving feedback.