I was kinda hesitant about posting this, but I HAD TO find out what you think.

Last week, I attended a prayer vigil at Plum Grove Missionary Baptist Church (which was AWESOME, by the way). People from all walks of life, different churches and varying races gathered to pray for our community.

The next day, my Facebook friend Lashawn Lawhorn shared this picture. The same image was captured in a video shared by another friend:

Does this look like an angel to you? At the top left of the cloud, you can almost make out a face!  I remember taking road trips as a child, looking at clouds, and trying to determine what they looked like. Tens of other people agree that they can see an angel in this cloud, which was also reported to not move but hovered over the praying crowd.

What do you think? Angel or great imagination? (I wanted to say or Nah, but I decided to grow up a little and let the kids have their lingo.)