After reading the story about how one man entertained a little girl whom he didn't know during a flight, I started to think about the times I was assisted by complete strangers, from those who've held a door open as I approached with full arms to the time I stood in line to purchase tickets to a show, and the lady behind me passed me a coupon.

Then there was the time that I hit a pothole that took my tire completely off and a group of guys in a crew cab stopped to help me change my tire.  And another time I had a blow-out while on the interstate and a man stopped to help me change my tire.  While it's easy to remember those that do us wrong, it's probably more important to remember those who've been blessings to us.  These people had no idea who I was. Yet, they took a moment to help another person without being asked.  I don't know your names, but if you happen to read this, I just want to say thanks again!

Can you remember a time when a person assisted you during a time of need?Tell us about your angel in disguise.