It was two years ago when my co-workers and myself were standing on the back porch watching what would be the worst tornado in the history of Tuscaloosa Al. We were standing watching as it got closer and closer with no clue of the devastation it was actually causing while we were standing there amazed. I guess you could say we were just outside its force.  We could see trees bending to the ground as it passed by us with no idea that people were losing their, homes, businesses and their lives.

After the storm passed us, we were all scrambling trying to get some information, it was then when we realized we had no connection to the outside. I jumped in the WTUG truck and drove down Greensboro Avenue heading downtown when I ran into a road block.  The policeman told me while he was politely turning me around, that Rosedale had been completely destroyed and people had lost their lives.  That’s when I realized how serious this was and much work we had ahead of us.