As parents, the development years of our children are crucial.  I don't know of one parent that wasn't watchful for abnormalities in his/her child(ren).  Unfortunately, some parents are faced with the realization that their children may have conditions that could make life a bit more difficult.  However, it's often easy to overlook the ways that these conditions can be helpful, and in my experience, people with ADD/ADHD are the most fun to be around!

For starters, people with ADD/ADHD are extremely creative.  They think of things that most people wouldn't think of, and it's often humorous.  Because they can be all over the place, there's never a dull moment around them. They're quicker to "push the envelope" and try new things, often garnering the attention of others with both positive and negative reactions.


I wonder what would have happened if Will Smith and Ty Pennington were forced to subdue their ADHD, if Solange's music would blend in with everyone else's if she didn't have ADD.  There are other celebrities that have to work to overcome other oddities such as dyslexia and OCD.

Can you imagine how hard it must be for actress Salma Hayek to learn her lines as a dyslexic? Same for Woody Harrelson, who is not only dyslexic but also has ADHD.  I would think that they'd sink themselves into their roles a bit harder because of the obstacles they had to overcome.

If you find yourself a parent of a child with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, or if you yourself have been diagnosed with Adult ADD, know that you're counted amongst some of Hollywood's largest stars and that sometimes, abnormality works in your favor.