USA Today has provided pics and specifications of a water slide that is set to be complete and open in Kansas City this spring.

Now, I'm not telling you not to ride it.  I'm just saying make sure you have your insurance paid and your family knows where all of your pertinent information is stored before you do! If people have a hard time keeping CARS on dry pavement at 65 mph, and an even harder time on wet pavement at 65 mph, WHAT THE HECK is going to keep rafts on this steep of a wet drop? And once it hits that hump, do the engineers actually believe none will go airborne? And if they do go into the air, will they likely land back on the slide and continue until it comes to a smooth landing?  Not likely.

I'm usually a daredevil, but I'm like my mom on this one.  You gotta have somebody to tell about how much fun it was. I will be that person at the end of the ride, ready to hear all about it and listen with such eagerness.... But you'll NEVER catch me on this death trap.  Has the government approved this thing? If so, it must be a method of population control. "Let's create something for all the idiots willing to go 65 mph down a wet slide and over a hump.  We'll spend a few months and thousands of dollars on it, but we'll be free of the first few hundreds willing to test it out."

By all means, the thing is named Verruckt, which is German for "insane." I got nervous just looking at the pictures of the stair climb to the top.  I almost puked then just writing about it. My goodness!