Topping the headlines today, is news of a boy in Dayton, Ohio who ventured into an abandoned house, where he discovered a mummified body hanging in a closet.

First of all, it's sad that we live in a time where people barely know their neighbors. It is said that the man must have committed suicide shortly after buying the home in 2009.  NONE of his neighbors knew the house was occupied. One even called area authorities to complain about the overgrown yard.

HOWEVER, what the heck was the boy doing going into the house?  Ok, the house appears to be abandoned.... I get that.  But if it had been left closed for so long, surely there had to be some safety issue, even if it was nothing more than snakes and other animals making their ways into the house.  In addition, is that not considered trespassing? I mean, even if abandoned, the house has to belong to SOMEBODY... Somebody who obviously didn't give the boy permission to enter.

And thirdly, the deceased (who purchased the house shortly before killing himself inside it) must've paid cash for the house because I KNOW my mortgage company wouldn't let me go 5 months without paying, let alone 5 years!

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