Why God Created Eve
This is something I knew I had to share with you. My mother(who always keeps me laughing) told me that she learned in her bible study class the Top Ten Reasons Eve Was Created
10 Things You Only Learn from Rural Life Experiences
Last night, I was returning home, driving on a road I've frequently traveled over the years.  I've taken it so many times that I know how long it takes me to get from one end to the other, how fast I should is too much for each curve, and even where I need to drive on the wrong side to keep my shock…
Only In Tuscaloosa…
After having lived here for the past 9 years I have found that there are a lot of things that happen 'Only in Tuscaloosa' and that is what makes this a great place to live and work.
10 Reasons To Be Thankful You Live In Tuscaloosa
Known as the ‘Druid City’, Tuscaloosa is home to beautiful water oaks, interesting people and feels large enough to enjoy diversity but small enough to feel like you know everyone. T-Town isn’t free from minor aggravations experienced in any community...

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