Casting Done Right: Lifetime’s Toni Braxton Biopic
Admittedly, I don't watch much television, but I did take the time to watch "Unbreak My Heart," the Toni Braxton biopic. Now, when most biopics are in the making, questions always come concerning who would play some of the significant roles. While some of the choices in this m…
What’s Adrian Lockett Up To?
Remember Adrian Lockett, the West Alabama native who was recently seen in movies such as "Get Hard" and ? Well, I recently caught up with him to find out what new projects he's working on.
Star Wars Nerds; The Next Generation
When I was a kid, my brother and I watched what my parents watched. We didn't have a TV in every room to go watch something else. We didn't have a VCR in another room to pop in a movie and, when you grow up in a town with less than 500 people, going to the movies was a family event and a r…

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