Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? In this case, it was a Walmart employee who was caught red-handed pilfering Oreos. According to ABC News, a Walmart employee was caught snacking on the store's Oreos and was arrested for felony theft. A box of cookies may not seem like much when compared to the other expensive items one could potentially steal from Walmart, but when an open package was found at the Portage Indiana store, an internal investigation was launched. Apparently a food wrapper found in the store and surveillance video were evidence enough to prove Penny S. Winters was to blame for the mysterious missing cookies. Once confronted, Winters admitted to eating the cookies and confessed that she had been stealing Oreos and other junk food for personal consumption on a weekly basis for the past four years.  Although Winters apologized for her actions and said it wouldn't happen again, Walmart still pressed charges and fired her from her $11.40-an-hour maintenance position. Winters told the police she had stolen the junk food because she couldn't afford to buy it herself.