Soooo, I was browsing the web and came upon an article about Washington Redskins rookie running back Alfred Morris and how he still drives a 1991 Mazda 626.

Are you serious?

Read the story here:

At first, I was kinda critical of him, thinking, "There's no way in the world you could pay me $2.22 million for four years and see me pull up in anything that was made before I turned five years old." 

I mean, let's break it down.  $2.22 million over four years is an average of $555,000 per year!! $555,000??? $555,000???   You couldn't pay me $55,000 per year and think I'm going to drive ANYTHING made in the 1900's (unless it's an antique, of course), let alone $555,000!

However, this made me think a bit deeper.  There are some cultures that couldn't care less about wealth or others' perception.  They just want to survive.  There are others that would rather live comfortably and couldn't care less about what they drive. 

And then, there are  those that would like to have an appearance of affluence.  They'd rather drive a vehicle that screams "status" and live in a mobile home on a rented lot or in government-assisted housing than establish and develop their net worth.  People of other cultures see these individuals driving their nice cars and often think they must be involved in some illegal activity to be able to afford such a vehicle, not understanding that these individuals are often living far below what most would call "the American dream and others. 

Of course, there are some people that earn an honest living and can actually afford a high-quality automobile in addition to living well.  Some inherited fortune while others work or worked hard for everything they have, often using a combination of system operations, intelligence, and physical labor, such as individuals that buy foreclosures and put in elbow grease.  But it is a sad case when a person takes the majority of what they have to put forth an affluent public appearance.

Now, I'm not saying that I think it's great that Morris chooses to drive his 1991 Mazda.  I mean, it would be great if that was just a fall-back car in case his regular vehicle needs repairs because he CAN afford a newer vehicle.  So, in my opinion.... Yes, he's a little on the cheap side.  However, I'd much rather date a man that can pick me up in a regular vehicle and take me to his emaculate home than one that can pick me up in a Bentley but we always have to go out because he's ashamed of his living conditions.

Home movie night, anyone?