While a hot topic of the past few days has been Kevin Ware's broken bone protruding from his leg, a visual that made us all gasp, the envy of fathers everywhere is Pedro Quezada, who won $338 million in the Powerball lottery.

According to CNN, an arrest warrant was issued for Quezada in 2009.... But he's won $338 million in 2013.  2009..... 2013..... 2009 ...... 2013!  That's at least 3 years, depending on what month the warrant was issued.


However, I find it very unlikely he even cares about $29,000. This man just won $338 million!  He's said to have opted for a lump sum of $152 million.  But still..... That's $152 million.  Now, if you ask me (and of course no one has), he should give at least $5 million to each of his 5 children and $2 million to each mother (not sure how many there are) for having to do what they needed to do to provide for the children while he wasn't paying. God forbid, but if all of the children are by different mothers, that would only total $35 million, leaving him $117 million.

I'm sure those that owe back child support may disagree, but I'm going to ask anyway: What do you think?  Should he only pay the $29,000 he owes and then make regular payments?