Today, CNN is airing a segment of an exclusive interview Chris Cuomo did with Dennis Rodman, who had been under fire lately because of his relationship with North Korea and the country's leader Kim Jong Un.

In the interview, Cuomo completed the easy yet unintentional task of upsetting Rodman.

The controversial part begins at the 4:30 mark, but the entire interview is worth watching.

If this guy's antics during his NBA days weren't enough to make one question his sanity, this interview definitely dotted the questionable "i."  Simply put, it's something wrong with this man! I can understand being upset  by speculation and people having an opinion about something without knowing the complete story, BUT this man went completely off!

From his marriage to Carmen Electra, to dressing in a wedding gown, to any of his other attention-getters, not much from Dennis Rodman and his behavior should be surprising, but this interview, it's one where you have to laugh while saying, "This guy is crazy!"  He needs a seat beside Chris Brown in anger management.  Given the blond hair, piercings, bodies covered in tattoos, they'd probably be best buds by graduation.