According to numerous news sources, singer Toni Braxton says that she doesn't want to record any more music, but she would love to continue her acting career.  One role that she'd really like to have is that of a lesbian AND she wants to do a love scene! 


Hey, SHE said it; I didn't! Yes, Toni Braxton looks forward to playing the role of a lesbian and wants to do a love scene.  Now, there's not enough acting in the world that would make me WANT to take on such a role without being asked!  This is one of those cases similar to an unsolicited lie.  Have you ever had a person to come up and tell you a lie for no apparent reason?  I mean, to walk in the door and say, "Maaaannnn, my boss pissed me off so bad today that I just hauled off and slapped him before I knew it! Now, I'm suspended."   That lie is much different from the person who is asked and says, "Yeah, I got suspended because my boss pissed me off so bad that I just hauled off and slapped him before I knew it!"  They're both telling the same lie, but something about it being unsolicited makes it seem so much worse.

Anyway, this is the case with Toni Braxton. Please excuse my grammar, but.... Toni, if ain't nobody asked you to play the role of a lesbian, but you want to play the role to test your acting abilities, it seems a little odd, but we can roll with that.  HOWEVER, when you add to that the desire to not only play the role but to have a love scene and nobody's asked you to..... Ummmm..... You're a lesbian. Or at least bi-curious.