With the New Year upon us and parties galore, are you a diet soda drinker or do you stick to the regular stuff? If you choose diet as a mixer for your alcohol, you may be getting drunker than your friends.

Anna Webber, Getty Images

Mixing diet soda with alcohol makes people drunker than when regular soda is used. Apparently, the differing levels of drunkenness have to do with the amount of sugar involved. Full sugar sodas keep drinkers from feeling the effects of the alcohol as much because sugar helps slow down the process of alcohol absorption into the bloodstream,When diet soda is involved, the alcohol makes a quicker trip from the stomach to the bloodstream.The most important finding may have been that the subjects didn't feel more intoxicated after drinking alcohol with a diet mixer. This data led to the conclusion that the unawareness could increase the risk of drinking and driving. Do you drink diet soda with alcohol?