Kevin Grow is a name you may recognize.  What if I said, he is the 18 year-old basketball player with down syndrome, would that ring a bell?  How about the video of the special kid nailing a 3 point shot to win the game for his team, sound familiar?  I bet it does now.  That was a dream come true for Kevin. How could it get better? It has.

The NBA's Philadelphia 76ers made the most awesome gesture, as they recognized the internet basketball whiz kid by signing him to an honorary 2-day contract. Last night, Kevin showed up to work. The video below captures the moment as he shoots around with the players and is introduced to the crowd. Plus, there is a flashback to his high school heroics.

It's the feel good story that just keeps getting better. No doubt, if you've had a bad day, this should easily put a smile on your face.