For the first time in my life I don’t know how to express what I’m feeling.  I remember watching Dr. King on TV.  I remember the day Dr. King was assassinated.  I remember asking my mother why black people are being treated like that. I remember the very first day I attended school with a person of a different color.  I remember my white friend telling me he couldn’t play with me anymore. Neither one of us knew why at that time. And I remember the “I Have A Dream” speech.  I still wipe a tear when I hear or think about that speech.  I remember my dad’s reaction when Shirley Chisholm announced she was running for President.  He said a black woman or a black man would never be President of this country.  Well I called my dad while the President was delivering his speech.  I asked him did he ever think we would see this day.  A black man is being sworn in as President of The United States on a holiday celebrating the life and dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!  Dreams do come true.