While Europe is up in arms over the horse meat scandal, the U.S. is set to have its own horse meat headlines.

According to the New York Times, the United States Department of Agriculture is set to allow the Valley Meat Company to process horse meat for human consumption. Currently horse meat produced for human consumption cannot be processed in the U.S. Approving the plant would make it the first time since 2007 that horse meat could be processed for human consumption by a plant in the U.S.The Valley Meat Company isn't the only slaughterhouse looking for the USDA's approval. Several other companies have asked that they too can re-establish equine inspection.The Humane Society has petitioned the department of agriculture and the FDA to delay approval for Valley Meat and any company looking to slaughter horses.Because there are currently no inspections for horse meat in the U.S., horses raised for that purpose are often sent to Canada and Mexico for slaughtering.Europe has recently experienced a widespread problem of finding horse meat in beef products — from Ikea meatballs to Burger King patties and Nestle's pasta entrees. So far, there have been no reports of horse meat in any U.S. beef products.