Gospel singer Erica Campbell recently posted this picture on her Instagram, and an uproar ensued.

Traditional "saints" have criticized more contemporary Christians for quite some time now for a range of issues from their music, to their beliefs, to their attire.  Some feel that a Christian should always wear dress clothes to church in favor of casual wear.  There are even some preachers that opt to wear 3-piece suits on a daily basis.

Sisters Erica and Tina Campbell make up the group Mary Mary, a mostly contemporary gospel duo that sometimes gives a contemporary edge to traditional songs in addition to their original music.  A while back, they also had a reality show, which displayed their lives as artists as well as mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters.  Anyone that watched the show remembers this episode:

Tina felt that exercising on the pole was wrong while Erica says it's a workout.  Besides, if she wanted to work a pole for her husband, where's the issue?

Now, Erica is coming under fire for wearing this dress.  But why?  It's showing nothing but a silhouette.  She's completely covered from her neck to her knees.  Is the fact that the dress shows her curves the issue?  Why?  Should Christian women forego clothing that accenuates the fact that they take care of their bodies?  Could this dress in fact serve as an area of ministry?  I know that sounds silly, but suppose there's a woman that needs the motivation to work out and she sees Erica in this dress, which causes her to take better care of herself?

What do you think?  Is this dress not appropriate for a "Christian" woman to wear?