Okay, well, that's not exactly what she said to Beyonce, but Skylar Diggins did go to Instagram to show off the hot new Mercedes given to her as a graduation gift from Jay-Z's Roc Nation agency, which represents her.

Skylar Diggins throws up "The Roc."

Diggins, who plays guard for the WNBA's Tulsa Shock, probably should have finished at a school of modeling.  Yes, she is just that gorgeous. However, she graduated yesterday from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business.  And her gift.... Oh, it was said to have included a hand-written note from Jay himself. (I wonder what it said.)


Now, while Beyonce is sitting around downplaying rumors of a possible pregnancy and continuing on her quest for world domination, I'm sure there's a small twinge of jealousy, even though she has her own money!  It's okay for her man to have bought one of his talents a car, but have any of the others received one? Mmmmm hmm.  We'll see how this one turns out. 


Let's just hope Rihanna doesn't come out as a scorned side piece with a remake of The Soul Children's "I'll Be the Other Woman."