Although she has been called the First Lady of Fashion by some, adored by those that love her everday wear, and has been clothed by numerous designers, fashion designer Oscar de la Renta has both praised First Lady Michelle Obama for her regality and criticized her for some of her fashion choices. 

While he has dressed numerous former presidents' wives, he says that Obama does not influence fashion as much as everyday women influence each other.

As much as I love Lady Obama, I have to agree.  I'd more quickly ask a woman in the grocery store where she got her shoes than I would research what designer the First Lady is wearing. Now, I don't agree that this is the reason de la Renta hasn't clothed Lady Obama, as Hillary Clinton DEFINITELY wasn't a fashion icon during her husband's administration, but *shrug* when he's right, he's right. I just want her to find someone else to do her eyebrows.