In recent years, I've watched the fascination grow over young men and women that could flip.  I've seen crowds gather in awe of the Beale St. Flippers, and watched YouTube videos, including the latest phenomenon Ozell Williams.

Maybe I'm one that's hard to impress, but I've seen guys flipping and tumbling for what seems like most of my life.  Granted, I can't do it myself.  So, it IS an accomplishment that requires great physical ability and stamina, but I know some guys that spent the majority of their time outside of school flipping and trying new twists and turns. In fact, during halftime at Aliceville High School basketball games, small competitions between city-known flippers were the entertainment. I can't help but wonder where these guys would be if we'd had video equipment and social media back then.

I find it interesting how some things that have been done by many people become enchanting to others enough to go viral.  But maybe I'm desensitized.  What do you think?  Have flippers/tumblers not been "commonplace" around here for a while?