It took me a while to watch "Preachers of LA," mainly because I don't watch a lot of television and couldn't find the Oxygen channel.  I still don't know if I have it, but I DID watch the show online after it aired, just to see what everybody was up in arms about. (Still gotta get caught up on "Scandal.")  So, I watched the show.  I have mixed feelings about it.  I think that while it showed the humanity of ministers, it also showed and over abundance of greed and ego.

I've listened to Deitrick Haddon's music for a long time, far before he became known FOR REAL in the gospel industry, and while I don't particularly agree with everything he says, I do understand that his music seems to come from a pure heart.  I enjoyed his story line in exposing his faults as a man.  One thing I've always admired about ministers is that while other people magnify their faults and say things like, "How is he going to tell me something when he [insert whatever act]s," ministers are actually looking BEYOND their personal issues to provide or administer that which is needed by someone else. Sure, they have their own faults, but when the needs of another presents itself, they put themselves on the back burner to provide what is needed. Initially, this is what I thought about Deitrick Haddon, but when he rushed the altar call, I was slightly offended.  However, he did redeem himself a little bit with me when he got in Bishop McClendon.  Don't get me wrong, I'm in support of preachers receiving proper care (travel expenses, room, food, etc.), but to reject an engagement because the honorarium is too low is a bit much.  I can see choosing not to go across the country and miss a significant moment in the life of a child/spouse/parent/sibling for $100-$200, but if the engagement isn't accepted because you perceive your message to be worth more than what the church can afford is just too much IN MY OPINION, which I am not going to argue.

Now, getting back to Deitrick Haddon...... Apparently, an ex of his has allegedly exposed much more than the tv show! Yes, she has supposedly released the naked pics that he sent to her. SCANDALOUS to say the least.  However, I MUST say this:  If men of God were made in His image, it is undeniable that our God is GREAT!!!!  What??? You can't fault me for looking! I BET you clicked the link.  If not, feel free to lay hands on me and let me pull on that anointing. Amen!