Do you remember when Google Maps first debuted?  Did you, like most other people, look up your address to see your home? Had it not been for Google Maps, I never would have known my neighbors have a pool in their back yard. I've heard horror stories about people who were caught cheating because pictures were taken at a time when someone had a visitor. Do you think Google removed those pictures? Not at all, but here's one very understandable case where a picture was removed.

Somehow, it was discovered that an aerial shot captured the moments after a teen was discovered dead.  The picture included the teen still laying on the ground.

At first, the company was apprehensive about removing the picture because it didn't want to begin the practice of removing a picture as requested.  However, the slain teen's father said the picture caused him to relive the moments following his son's death.  Google did the right thing and made moves to have the picture taken down, which is admirable.