Cereal may be the last thing on the planet that you would think of as "sexy," but Peter Ehrlich wants to change that.

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He invented two different cereal recipes that promote sexual health for both men and women.So what is SexCereal? The male breakfast product is supposed to be good for testosterone balance while the female version is said to promote women's hormonal balance.

Ultimately, the different versions seem similar to normal healthy granola. There aren't any ingredients in the different recipes that persons of the other gender shouldn't eat.Despite its focus on sexual health, claims are that either recipe, "will be one of the best-tasting cereals you've ever eaten and that it represents a new gold standard."

So far the cereal is selling mainly at health food stores in Canada, but customers can order a For Him and Her 2-Pack (one of each SexCereal product) for about $20 online.