I can remember entering the doors of Wynn Hall as a 17-year-old and being both excited yet nervous about starting college. 

My first cousin Kim Lavender was my roommate. So, that was a bit comforting. Although we were not really close growing up, sharing the same room at college created a much stronger bond between us.  Then, they took me away!  I was placed in another suite with people I did not know, and I was not happy initially!  However, I soon found my place among these ladies, and we are still like "family" to this day.

During that time, I took a heavy course load, once carrying up to 21 hours. For some reason, I always had a job, too.  I mean, I lived on campus where my meals were also covered and classes were in walking distance. So, it's not like I needed money to pay a car note or gas, rent, utilities... None of that.  I just wanted to work and have my own money when I wanted to go out with my friends, I guess.

I had several jobs, and sometimes they overlapped. Then came that fateful day in January 2003 that I became an intern at WTUG!  I had found my dream job.  It brings me joy to share laughter and information. I started working at WTUG.... And stopped going to class. I lost my scholarship, and at that time, I really didn't care.  I decided that I was working where I wanted to be and my degree meant absolutely nothing.

As time went on, I began to regret leaving school with only a few hours left.  So, I started "trying" to go back.  Once, I attended registration but never completely registered; another time, I completely registered but never attended a class.  Then, in February 2011, I found my motivation: my daughter.

Our first few years were rough, and I'm STILL learning to balance my profession and being a single mother.  Now, I am adding school to that equation.  Pray for me! I don't expect this to be a cake walk, but I know it's what I have to do; and I'm HAPPY about doing it!  So, it's official.  I'm back in school, and I WILL be attending campus festivities AND using my student ID wherever it'll get me a discount. Not trying to recapture my youth (it IS weird being the oldhead), but this time around, I better understand and appreciate the value of the opportunity I'm being afforded.

Look for me at the football games. I'll be leading "Stillman Rocks" (with my daughter clinging to my leg, of course.