I, like many of you, have been invited to numerous dinners by people who want me to meet their chiropractor.  My attitude has always been, "Really?  A dinner that I don't have to pay for, and all I have to do is listen to a chiropractor? Whatever. There's a catch."   And I never attended a meeting. Now, I hate that I didn't because not only did I miss a free meal, but I missed out on meeting the man that would change my life.

No, I'm not in love. That's the first thing that comes to mind when a woman says she's met someone that changes her life. Then again, maybe I am.  Perhaps, just perhaps, I'm more in love with knowledge and life than I've been in a long time, and I do attribute that to Dr. McCracken!

This size is my goal. I don't have an ideal weight. I just want to be this size again.


I've struggled with my weight FOR YEARS!! I could never figure out why my siblings are slim and trim, and I'm not.  I've heard many people say, "You need to cut back."  Mind you, these people have never spent a day with me to see how little I eat or how much I'm on the move.  It's easy for people to criticize someone with an issue that they don't have to face. I tried a weight loss program in the past, and although I did have some results, it didn't really give me what I wanted.  I've even lost weight by watching what I ate.  But over time, the weightloss became stagnant, and then I started to gain weight again. Doctors have drawn blood to check my thyroid and said it was normal.

It wasn't until THIS WEEK that I found out the sources of my problems.  Dr. McCracken is working with me to correct these issues.  I went to see him Wednesday and yesterday.  Both nights, I've slept better than I can remember sleeping in at least 5 years.  I even have more energy and already feel lighter.  I know it sounds too good to be true, like something I'm being paid to say, but it's not!

I'm going to keep you updated on my progress as time goes on, and I hope that those of you who've struggled with your weight or other physical ailments will give McCracken Family Chiropractic a call.  I've seen people in his office with varying issues, from infertility to sports issues, pain from a vehicular accident to diabetes and weight loss. They're both older and younger. After the consultation and gathering of information, everything makes sense! I'm so excited about getting proper rest and  getting my sexy back.  Now, I urge you to GET YOUR LIFE with McCracken Family Chiropractic, and I look forward to running into in his office.  Lord knows I'll be keeping my appointments!