Saturday evening, I enjoyed a quiet... Well, not really quiet but FUN evening at home with my daughter and my niece.  I decided to do a mock interview with them. 

I NEVER know what to expect with these two. Sometimes, they're shy. Sometimes, they're all over the place (I did have to edit some of the craziness from my child in the beginning). But this time, I was fortunate to catch something on camera that I really wasn't expecting. Initially, I asked them a few basic questions, when I asked what they want to be when they grow up, I got an answer that left me speechless for a few seconds. (Feel free to forward to 2:10. That's when it gets funny.)

Following this information, I asked them to show me what it meant to be what they said they wanted to be. I told them to act it out and they did.

I encourage all parents-- especially those with toddlers --to do the same with your children.  Record your interviews, and share them. Save the footage in a place where you can go back and show them years later.

Not all of our children are twerking. Some have goals (though not always realistic ones LOL) and are working towards them.  I LOVE having a daughter, nieces, and a nephew who maintain a sense of innocence. It's a pleasure to help them reach their dreams.... and guide them towards creating new ones.