Ever since "12 Years a Slave," actress Lupita Nyong'o has held the world's attention. Some say she's extremely beautiful while others (namely Blacks) say she's as average as other Black girls. http://living.msn.com/style-beauty/celebrity-style/5-ways-lupita-nyongo-is-changing-the-face-of-beauty This article says Lupita is changing the face of beauty. While I agree that she has ushered the beauty in diversity to the forefront, I also find the acclaim a bit offensive. So, are they saying that darker hued women weren't seen as attractive until she came on the scene?

Just last week, a co-worker told me that she thinks Grace Jones is gorgeous. I disagree with that, but it made me question what makes a person beautiful in another's eyes, especially when it comes to other races. At one time, I remember thinking that the more European- or exotic-looking a Black woman was, the more she was seen as beautiful. As I got older and exposed to more cultures, I started to appreciate differing features that made one's beauty stand out. Now, I see beauty in just about anyone whose body has not been abused to the degree of malformation/discoloration. It makes me wonder.... was it the blatant desire of the slave master on the big screen that caused others like him to release their repressed thoughts of a Black woman's desirability, or is it really that the contrast of Lupita's dark skin against her brilliant smile, her stylish natural hair and physical build that has others taking notice?