Vijay Singh! Vijay Singh!

Okay, get your mind out the gutter! I said, "Vijay Singh!" not "Va-jay-jay, sing."

Ladies, if you have no idea who Vijay is, I suggest you look him up. Vijay is a Fijian professional golfer who is said to have been Number 1 in the Official World Golf Rankings for 32 weeks in 2004 and 2005.  Right now, he's making headlines for possibly using performance enhancing drugs... Yes, in GOLF!!!

Anyway, I used to date a guy who played golf, which is how I developed interest in the sport.  Now, I didn't play....  Not at all! However, I loved driving the cart, and pointing out where his ball went into the woods. *giggle*  Anyway, that's how I found out who Vijay Singh is.  At first glance, I said, "I bet he was FINE back in the day!" (Well, actually, what I really said was, "Good God he's handsome. If he was a few years younger....")

Seeing Vijay caused me to think about black people elsewhere in the world, not necessarily Africa, or places like Jamaica or  Trinidad and Tobago, but just other dark-hued people.  Then, when my daughter, whose father is darker than I am, came out with blond highlights, I began to wonder if there was an ethnicity of dark people with blond hair.  Sure enough, some of The Solomon Islanders are dark with blond hair!  I'm not saying that she is a decendant of people from that nation but that it's amazing to see how many dark-hued ethnicities there are outside of the Americas and Africa.

There's a saying that once you go black, you never go back. Never was it said that this only applied to Black Americans. I think I'll go ahead and get a passport now. *humming "Brown Skin"*