According to Reuters, "whatever" has been named the most annoying word of 2013. While I know it is considered rude and off-putting, there are quite a number of words and phrases that I wish would die this year. These are my top contenders:

1. Hater- Often misused, a hater isn't indicative of a person who disagrees with you. Moreso, a hater is the crab that is determined not to let you climb out of the barrel.

2. Twerking- Miley Cyrus COMPLETELY and single-handedly destroyed the use of this word. Now, all of a sudden, mainstream America has taken an interest in a cultural phenomenon, making it corny as it has become almost synonymous with Miley.

3. Turn up- It just sounds stupid.... and drunken.


I admit that I'm STILL working on deleting "the n-word" from my vocabulary, but these bother me just as much, if not more. What words or phrases do you think should die a quick and sudden death?