Oh you are going to love this.  I was talking to one of my old friends in radio today. We were talking about family acts. Before I go farther let me say that The Jacksons are my favorite family act. When the Jackson Five hit the scene Jacksonmania took the R&B world by storm.  Every little girl liked Michael and every little boy wanted to be Michael. Needless to say every record company wanted a group like The Jackson Five.  Other record companies tried to compete with The Jacksons with The Sylvers and The Osmonds.  And of course regional acts were popping up all to no avail. My friend thinks the Sylvers were better than the Jacksons but never got the support they needed.  Like always when I’m in doubt I ask you.  Take a look at a couple of videos I have posted and tell me. Enjoy!

The Sylvers

The Jacksons