When I hear the name Ruffin the first person that comes to mind is David. David Ruffin once a member of the Temptations.  David will go down in history as the brother that got the big break.  There’s another Ruffin that we don’t talk about much that is also a great singer.  Jimmy!  Jimmy is the elder brother of David.  As children they both began singing with the gospel group the Dixie Nightingales.  In 1961 Jimmy became a part of the Motown stable mainly as a session singer for one the Motown labels before he was drafted to serve his country.  He returned to Motown after leaving the Army.  Jimmy was asked to join the Temptations where he would have replaced Eldridge Bryant.  But after hearing his brother David sing the Temptations hired him instead.  Jimmy recorded solo for Motown’s famous Soul Label.  Enjoy!

What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted