My daughter and I had a very fun-filled weekend!

For starters, my niece had a pool party and sleepover for her 6th birthday.  Her birthday is actually today (Happy Birthday, Allayna!), but because of church and other commitments, her parents chose to hold her birthday events on Friday. So, I got my Jireh a new bathing suit and headed to the Embassy Suites.


Take the picture already!


The water in the pool was too cold, which led the girls to the spa.  They had a ball, splashing around for a bit. From there, we went to the room and enjoyed pizza and doughnuts before heading home.





Saturday, we celebrated my cousin Alyssa's 4th birthday (her actual birthday is Tuesday). She had a party at Fun Factory..... And boy was it fun!  Because my daughter is so small (at least that's the excuse I'm using), I had to take off my shoes and help her play on the moonwalks and slides. My sister and cousins had such a good time that we're considering having an adult fun party.

When we got home, my brother and his family and a few girls from the sleepover came over to my house, which means my daughter was NOT going to take a nap, regardless of how tired she may have been.  However, around 5:45pm, she couldn't take it anymore and begged to go to bed.

I gladly obliged, but when I went back to wake her at 7:30, she refused to get up.  So, I let her sleep. BIG MISTAKE!!! Jireh woke up, ready to play at 3:00am.  *blank stare* Seriously, Jireh???


Little girl, it's 3:00am!

Yep, she was serious.  So, I woke up and played.  She also asked me to polish her nails.  Did I mention that this was 3:00am?  The 3:00am that was actually 2:00am because we lost an hour of sleep last night?  Yeah, that one! However, what I did realize is that moments like these don't come often and time is flying by. So, I chose to enjoy it while it lasted and to capture pictures for memory purposes. After I polished her last nail, she said, "Thank you, Mommy. Let's go night-night."


Of course, I melted and went to sleep with the biggest smile!