Topping the headlines this week has been news of the Alabama fans that named their son Krimson Tyde.  The parents have been criticized by people from all across the country.  But the best article I've read came from  It's about another fan who is in support of the couple.  After all, he has a Crimson Tide and Alleigh Bama himself.

Thirty-one-year-old Shane Broadhurst is quoted as saying, "I would definitely say to fulfill their fantasy. Stay Alabama fans and live every day to the fullest," said Broadhurst, father to son Crimson Tide, 2, and daughter Alliegh Bama, 5 months. "I hate that they're (the Steele family) having to go through that and hear a bunch of crap. You should be able to name your young'un what you want."

That line in itself was hilarious to me, but this is the one that made me laugh for hours:

Is that a bit of #Shade?  You can't tell me the writer wasn't poking fun at Mr. Broadhurst. He's never attended the school and hasn't stepped foot in the stadium but says the university makes him stronger as a person. That sounds like major taunting material.  I can understand how one may be inspired by a place they've never been. What do you think?