Have you ever been walking, looked down, and just happened to see somebody's hair on the ground?  Did you say to yourself, "How did that happen? Did her hair just fall off her head without her even knowing it?"  Well, let me tell you.... YES! It did.

So, I'm at work with a head full of Senegalese twists (which I absolutely LOVE, by the way), and I'd rushed to work with all of my hair down, thinking I'd pin it up or put it into a ponytail or something throughout the day.  This is exactly what I did. Found a way to pin it up.  Thought I was CUTE, honey!  Walked outside to warm up-- yes, warm up-- and talk to a co-worker, and what do I see on the ground?

No that ain't my twist!!! Yes, it is! Luckily, nobody was around to see it. So, I swooped down really quickly to pick it up and brought it into our studio.


When my co-worker came in, I asked her if she'd ever seen somebody's hair on the ground and wondered where it came from. She said she had. So, I HAD TO show her what happened to me. And THIS is what she decided to do.

Kimberly Madison from 95.3 The Bear with a Senegalese twist taped to her hair.

We laughed and laughed. I told her and her morning show co-host Scott Shepherd that many black women who forego the relaxer in favor of their natural hair quickly learn that their heads have more than one texture of hair.  For me, my hair is extremely slick around the edges, making it harder for my twists to stay on.

At this point, I go and talk to another co-worker, Justin. He does random funny things for their morning show. So, we said that one day, we'd send him to the store wearing the twist and have someone recording people's reactions when they see him.  We decide to do a bit of a trial to see how it would stay put.
















It stayed so well he decided to swoop it to the side and let it hang:
















Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the kind of foolishness that occurs at 6am. We laughed and laughed.  I thought it was too funny..... But now I'm not so sure.  I think leaving my hair on the ground may have placed me in the category which is eligible to be called ratchet. I'm not sure. What I DO know is that I now understand how people can just leave their hair on the ground. I didn't even feel the thing slip out.