The episode picks up where the last ended, with Jhonni Blaze and Rich Dollaz in the studio following the altercation between Blaze and Precious Paris. Rich, who is already fed up with the drama, admonishes Blaze for her actions and orders her to calm down, then attempts to find Paris and make sure she's OK. Rich tries to mediate while Precious states her case about feeling like an afterthought to Rich, who admits he could have been doing a better job as a manager. Paris questions if Rich is engaging in sexual activities with Blaze, he refutes the claim and parts ways with Paris to continue his session with the hot-headed Blaze.

Chink Santana and Chrissy take a day trip for some quality time together and she presses the issue of meeting Chink's family. He informs her of his meeting with his cousin, Black, and that they have no interest in meeting her under any circumstances. Chrissy, visibly upset, responds by disregarding his family's feelings about their relationship and tells Chink that they can kiss her ass if that's how the feel about her without even taking the time to know her.

Yandy, who is having turmoil in her own personal life, meets with Tara, who confides in her about wanting to mend the relationship between herself and Amina. She realizes that her and Amina will forever be linked since they both have children by Peter Gunz. This woman is more at peace with the situation than ever.

Then Yandy lets her own troubles loose. She tells Tara about Remy, an employee at Mendeecees' management company, who had booked a party for him. After discovering this, Yandy feels a bit betrayed after holding Mendeecess down before and throughout his incarceration, only for him to return the favor by going through other channels to conduct his business. The situation is a ticking bomb that could go off at any second.

Cisco, feeling a bit somber being that it's the 13th anniversary of his brother's death, arranges to meet with his mother to take flowers to his brother's grave and talk. He tells mom he talked to Tasha and came clean about his situation with Diamond. Tasha has been by his side since the start and he feels the need to win her trust back. He's aware that his mom and Tasha have a good relationship, so he asks her to put in a good word for him -- this way he can possibly spend more time with his daughter. His mother advises him to lay off the women and focus on finding himself, which is the most sage advice we've heard on the show thus far. Mama Cisco may have a future as a relationship therapist.

Cyn Santana makes her only appearance of the episode while catching up with Precious Paris. The artist opens up about her altercation with Jhonni in the studio. After Paris tells her that Rich denied having relations with Jhonni, Cyn, being very familiar with Rich's history, seems skeptical about that tidbit. Cyn questions if Precious still wants to work with Rich as her manager. Paris is unsure of the answer to that question, but continues to put in work diligently in hopes of seeing her career progress.

Mendeecees pops up again, this time at his management office. Now we get to see how Remy is. It appears to be just a normal day in the office, until out of nowhere, Yandy appears, much to delight of viewers like us who know things are about to get awkward. Yandy catches Remy taking a selfie and pegs it as corny and distasteful. Mendeecees' wifey makes a snide remark about Remy's outfit and it's apparent she's not feeling this girl.

Mendeecees, who can sense the tension in the air, pulls Yandy to the side to see what all the attitude is about. She immediately presses him about Remy leaving comments on his Instagram page plus the fact she's now booking shows for him. Yandy is adamant that Mendeecees fire Remy and go back to doing business the way it was originally -- just the two of them. Mendeecees allows her to vent, but is resistant and clearly has no plans to do as Yandy sees fit.

Amina hits up Erica before her video shoot and tells her about how she feels unappreciated by Peter. Erica talks about Bow Wow's sex game and how her life is so amazing at the moment. While Erica is flaunting her perfect life in Amina's face, she on the hand feels uncomfortable with Tara's efforts to reach out. At the end of the day, Erica feels sad for the way things are going for Amina.

Rich meets with Jhonni to scold her about her actions and reminds her yet again about being business-minded and professional. He doesn't feel the need to explain his other business dealings to her and warns her about ruining her reputation and how her outbursts need to stop. She reluctantly admits that she was wrong. Rich suggests -- stupidly, if we may add -- that Jhonni and Paris meet again and try to start off on the right foot. Jhonni agrees to impose the treaty, and goes as far as complimenting Paris' ass. She even admits she was thinking about how fat it was when they were fighting -- pretty much what we all were thinking.

Diamond is busy with her new man Rock, but admits she still has feelings for Cisco. She meets up with him to apologize for spazzing out on him the last time they saw each other. Diamond wants Cisco to admit he was still seeing his baby mother while they were dating, but Cisco refuses to answer. Diamond, fed up with his lies about sleeping with Tasha, shows him photos she took off his phone showing explicit messages between him and Tasha. Cisco is angered that she would snoop behind his back. This encounter all but ends their relationship on a sour note.

Peter gets wind of Tara and Amina's private meeting and is not pleased, to say the least. Tara contacts Peter, who comes over and immediately wants to know what was said. Tara reveals Amina's revelation about Peter's long-running infidelity. Of course, he denies the allegations and Tara goes off, saying she feels embarrassed to be the mother of his children. He admits he's a "grimy mothaf---er," as if we all didn't know that already.

Rich feels sorry for the fiasco at the studio and decides to treat Paris to a wardrobe and makeup makeover. He then drops the bomb that Jhonni is coming over to apologize in-person. Jhonni is very apologetic about how she handled things and does so with what appears to be complete sincerity. But just when you think bygones will be bygones and they'll form an alliance, Paris has something else in mind. She suddenly attacks Jhonni and security quickly breaks up the scuffle.

With all of the hijinks and plot twists in this episode, there's no telling what will go on next week. Stay tuned.

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