The Temptations is the greatest group of all time. Bar none, there will never be another group that will come close to accomplishing what the Temptations did.  When I think back about the first song I remember singing as a child, it’s “It Growing” by the Temptations.

The Temptations were always fun to watch on TV and to see them perform live was indescribable.  They worked like a well oiled machine.  I had the pleasure of seeing the Temptations Reunion tour.  That concert and the Michael Jackson concert were the best I’ve witnessed.

There were other groups in the sixties and seventies that were very talented too. They could sing dance, write, and put on a good show. They just weren’t The Temptations.

One of those groups was the Temprees. The Tempress were out of Memphis Tennessee. Although they never had that star power of the Temptations they had great songs.

One of those songs, “Love Can Be So Wonderful” is close to the top of my list of favorite love songs. Check it out. The Temprees.