According to Tuscaloosa Police, 21-year-old Henry Patrick McGhee, Jr. has been arrested and charged with one count of Attempted Murder after shooting at a police officer early this morning.

The officer is said to have responded to a call at Woodlawn Manor Apartments on a noise complaint at 1:37am. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with two suspects, one of which stated that they lived at the building for which the complaint was received and that they'd go inside for the rest of the night. However, as the officer started to leave, he noticed that they hadn't gone inside.  So, he returned to question the suspects further; and one of the suspects, McGhee, is said to have taken off running.

The officer ran behind McGhee, who is said to have then pulled out a revolver and fired one shot at the officer. The officer took cover and then resumed running behind McGhee.  However, he lost sight of McGhee when he ran behind a building.

Assisting officers are said to have set up a perimeter and called out a K9 Officer and his dog, "Kora," who tracked the suspect from the last place he was seen to a back yard at a nearby residence. McGhee was found inside a truck covered by a tarp. His gun, which had been reported stolen, was retrieved from behind one of the vehicle's tires. 

The first responding officer was not injured during the incident. McGhee was placed in the Tuscaloosa County Jail, pending a $60,000 bond; and additional charges are pending.