I got a phone call from my friend Felicia a little over a week ago, asking if I'd mind if she made my daughter an Easter basket.  I told her that I didn't mind. I'd never really been big on that kind of stuff, but I wasn't going to deprive Felicia of her own happiness.  She finds joy in buying/making things for my daughter, and I LOVE it because she always adds her own little spice.

Yesterday, she delivered my daughter's basket, and it has ALL KINDS OF STUFF IN IT!!!!  It has candy, jewelry, books, costume pieces (princess stuff), etc. But the funniest thing of all is the fact that she put little sandals on the bunny! And the sandals are actually cute!  I lifted the foot to see if I could tell what size they are, but I couldn't.




I can't wait to see my daughter open her gift.  She always has the biggest smile of appreciation.  I may not have followed the proper order in conceiving her, but I really am blessed to have a sweet child in addition to wonderful, giving friends.