Although I enjoy movies, I've never been much of a movie buff.  I'm more apt to watch a rental than go to the theater because... Well, honestly, sitting in one place for a few hours doesn't feel right.

I also hate having to go to the bathroom and missing key points. So, it's better for me to rent movies and watch them at my leisure.  This past week, I watched "Frozen" with my daughter TWICE with my Xfinity On Demand.

I also watched a Tyler Perry movie that I hadn't seen. I REALLY like using my Xfinity service to watch movies because I can pause them and come back, and for the price I'd pay for two at the theater, my entire family can come over at watch a newly released movie. I also like the fact that I don't have to watch the movie in one setting. With Xfinity, I'm given a day or so, and I never have to leave the comfort of my home.

I'm almost certain the last movie I saw in the theater was "12 Years a Slave."  So, what are some recent movies that I need to see?  What are some that you've seen and enjoyed?