Well, it's taken me a while, but I'm finally adjusting to motherhood.  Yes, I realize that my daughter will soon be 2! And?  LOL  What can I say?  It just took me a while.  I'd gone to the doctor for a regular appointment, was hospitalized, and became a mother less than 48 hours later. After that was a few months in the hospital followed by months of..... Well, just worry! 

My daughter had acid reflux from birth and would throw up after every meal. It was very frustrating to me when people would make comments about how small she was, as if she was malnourished.  When I tried to explain the fact that she was 2 months premature AND had acid reflux, everybody wanted to offer a remedy.  I chose to listen to her doctor and feed her smaller quantities but more frequently, which has proven to be successful.

Anyway, enough rambling.  This little girl is now 19 months old, and I don't know how it happened.... Call it "moving out the way for another one" or whatever you'd like, but this little girl hit the Terrible Two's a few months early, like 5 MONTHS AGO!!! 

This child knows no fear, and ironically, that scares me. She's not afraid of heights, the dark, dogs, water... NOTHING!  And when I try to stop her from doing things that could potentially be hazardous, she responds with defiance. 

"Little girl, GET DOWN!" 

 Her response, "No." 

"I said GET DOWN!!"


So, I have to grab her to keep her from falling off the arm of the couch/dining chair/toy, and she screams hysterically.  Then, she finds something else to get into. 

Needless to say, my days with my daughter are action-packed; and when she's quiet, I know that means she's into something. Her latest fascinations are with shoes, lip gloss, and believe it or not.... James Brown! LOL  No joke.  My brother bought my mom a James Brown doll that sings "I Got You." She wants to press the button on the doll and dance to the song over and over and over. If I never hear "I Got You" another day in my life, I've already heard it a few times too many.

So, let me tell you what happened when I came home from work yesterday.  We did our normal eat, playtime, and bath (which includes lip balm at the end).  I walked into the kitchen to fix her a cup of milk and after a few seconds I hear this clunk clunk clunk coming into the kitchen.  Why is this little girl trying to walk in a pair of my wedges??? I couldn't do anything but laugh because I clearly remember trying to walk in my mom's heels, but I'm sure that I was at least 4!  She looked up at me with the silliest grin. So, I swooped her into my arms and took the one shoe she still had on into my hand before going back into the bedroom, which is where I found the other shoe that she'd abandoned after she obviously figured out that walking in both would be too much for her to handle.

As I put up my shoes and sat her on the bed for a bedtime story, she looked at me with the sweetest face ever and leaned in for a kiss, saying "Mmmmm."  My heart melted. I love that little girl to pieces!  Of course I leaned in and gave her the affection she desired before turning to our bedtime book.  As I picked up the book, I heard her small voice. "Mommy?"  Yes, my heart melted again as I turned to look at her innocent little face, only to hear her say, "Shoes!"  Any of you couponing queens have the hookup on shoes?  If this is any indication and my daughter has a shoe fetish like her mom's, I'm in trouble!