You know, many people say the key to having a successful life is knowing how to balance each of its entities. This is something I am learning to do gradually.

For years upon years, I was a workaholic.  I was just determined not to live in poverty or paycheck to paycheck.  Eventually, I scaled back; and a few years later, my daughter came along. I must say that being a single parent might be my toughest feat in life, not because it's hard to take care of another individual, but because before I had one, I didn't know ANYTHING about "lil kids."

So, learning how to be a mother and an employee at the same time was a bit of a daunting task for me.   Then, last month, I went back to school.  So, now, I have to learn to be a mother, employee, and student all at the same time. This is tough, but it's nothing I can't handle.  It took a bit of strategizing, but I think I finally have it under control!

Being a Libra, balance is VERY important to me. If one area of my life is out of whack, it throws off EVERYTHING! I'm so grateful for a support system that helps me to do everything I have to do. Without it, I'd undoubtedly be a basketcase!