My day started off pretty much as any other day. I woke up gave thanks for seeing another day hit the bathroom to do the 3 S's (sh*t,shower,shave) ironed my gear for the day and fixed breakfast for my wife and pregnant daughter.

Went to work early because I was going to leave to take my pregnant daughter to her weekly doctors appointment(my first one).

It was going great, went to the doctors office, she(pregnant daughter) signed in, we sat in the waiting room waiting for her name to be called.

After only a few minutes they called her name and to the exam room we went.

The room was not what I expected(not that I had any expectations). It was small,private and quaint.

The doctors and nurses were so friendly and informative( I had a lot of questions). My thanks to Ms.Cathy,Tammy and Dr.Bolton, you all were the best.

So the doc said everything was looking good, the baby's heartbeat(which I heard for the first time) was good and strong, CC had dilated a few more centimeters and we should have a bouncing baby girl soon.