It has taken me some time to come up with this list. The loss of the legendary Prince took me by surprise and got me to thinking,' What's my favorite Prince song?' That was a question that I don't think I cam answer. I can however list my 'Top 4' favorite Prince albums.

My faves are a little on the old side but that's when I first got into his music.

#4. Dirty Mind: released on October 8, 1980

#3. Controversy: released on October 14, 1981

#2. 1999: released on October 27, 1982


#1. Purple Rain: released on June 25, 1984

On these records were what I know of as Prince at his best. You may or may not agree with my list but it is after all MY list. R.I.P. Prince we will miss you, but your music will live on...