A company's latest invention is granting the wishes of sports fans everywhere. Their new armchair comes equipped with technology to automatically refill a cup of beer without the person sitting ever needing to get up.
GrinOn Industries invented the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System a few years ago to help solve long lines for beer. Here's how it works: Each cup of beer is designed with a special magnet sealed bottom. When placed on the dispenser, the magnet is momentarily released and the cup is automatically filled with the right amount of beer (no hands necessary). Finally, the magnet reseals and the beer is ready for serving.

While this automatic system is certainly helpful, the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System has only been available to stadiums and bars, until now. GrinOn just came out with its very first home version, and it comes in the form of an armchair. One of the arms of the otherwise normal-looking chair opens up to reveal a miniature Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System. Simply place the special cup on the small metal plate and voilà: it will be filled with beer.With the armchair, TV-watchers can have another beer whenever they want, not just during the commercials.
The chair is pricey. It will sell on the company's website for a whopping $1,149.99. And the owner will still have to buy the beer to refill the special compartment.With that in mind I will be saving up for one of these by football season.