This week, Facebook has been covered with rumors about a particular person of the Tuscaloosa community who has decided to tell women with whom he's had unprotected sex that he is HIV-positive and dying.  Many people are upset, afraid, and alarmed.  What I want to know is..... WHY???

Real talk, I think sex has become too casual and freely given.  HIV/AIDS has been around for how many years now?  And we're STILL running around having unprotected sex with people who are fine and "look" healthy?  Even in relationships and marriages, unfortunately, you cannot be 100% sure that your partner is active only with you.  However, that's a chance we take with those we love.  If we didn't, we couldn't reproduce.

Unprotected sex in 2013 is like trying crack in 2013.  How do you become a NEW crackhead when you already see how crack affects people?  Same thing.  How close does Death have to come to our doors before we make better decisions?  Even if HIV/AIDS wasn't a factor, there's herpes that never goes away, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, trich, and a host of other STD's that can make life uncomfortable.  They may not kill you, but you'll definitely itch, burn, and sometimes stink!

Simply put, wrap it up or put it away.  Don't blame one man for his admission.  Perhaps he should have told each of his partners about his status before having sex with them, but did they tell him theirs?  Did they even know their status? Do you know yours now?  Testing is free at the West Alabama AIDS Outreach, you know.  And you can find out your results in 20 minutes.  It's just that simple. Take accountability for your own actions.  Maybe he was negligent, but when you fail to use protection, YOU neglect YOUR OWN health.  Don't blame a person for what you've allowed them to do to you, unless it was done under false pretenses, meaning they told you one thing that ended up being something else.

Now, if you were deceived into thinking you were in a monogamous relationship with a healthy person, God be with you.  You have my sympathy. For those that literally opened themselves to receive what they wanted and got a little more, I feel sorry for you... And I thank you! This incident has opened EVERYBODY'S eyes and ended some careers (those that have sex for money).  Know your status and use protection!