Remember the day that Charles Anthony took it upon himself to recruit me a husband?  Well, from that day forward, Ed Ramsey has brought up my "need" for a husband at the most inopportune times.  I take all the jokes in stride and laugh with them (if they're funny) because I know that all dogs have their days.... And today is Ed's!

I'm in the studio with my headphones on, and all of a sudden, this brightness just overtook me.  So, I threw on my shades to see what was going on.

Ed's shirt made me turn off the lights and STILL put on my shades.

I get to the door and look out. All I see is Ed's shirt.  Yes, the colors are so bright that I saw them through the walls.  I had to turn up the volume on my headphones because the shirt was so loud I couldn't hear the music.

Ed's shirt is so bright, I started repenting, thinking The Lord had cracked the sky. Ed's shirt is so bright, it hurt his own eyes. (Look at them. I ain't lying!)  His shirt is so bright, I closed my eyes and saw little color blocks floating behind my lids. It's so bright, his stomach tried to burst through and run away from it.  I was getting sleepy until he came in. All that shirt's loud hollering woke me right on up! His shirt is so loud, the city asked him where he got it because they're thinking of ordering some for their crews. It's so bright, he keeps it handy in case of a power outage. It's so bright, it looks like it was block-dipped in highlight ink.


I'm not going to rag on his shirt, too much. After all, it IS a celebrity!