I don't know about anybody else, but I often get tired of hearing about other people's lives.  It's one thing for a friend to come to you for advice, but it's a totally different thing for people to spread rumors and gossip, even if what they're saying is true.I, personally, have too much going on in my day to day life, too many decisions to make, too many events to juggle, etc. to care about what somebody else is doing with his/her life.

I don't care about Halle Berry's custody battle, DMX's arrests, Jay-Z and Beyonce's ma

rriage, Lindsey Lohan's court appearances, Chris Brown and Rihanna's.... Well, whatever it is they're doing. My point is that while we're all looking at their lives, they're living and making major moves.  Celebrities' bank accounts are much larger than most everyday people.  Guess why.  They're moving, and we're watching what they do instead of moving ourselves; and it's easy to criticize what others are doing when you're doing nothing.

Who hasn't had an unsuccessful relationship that involved even a miniscule amount of drama?  Who hasn't made bad decisions? Who hasn't been in love with a person that they couldn't get out of their system? Celebrities are people whose gifts and excellent decisions have ushered them into the limelight.  Nothing more. Nothing less.

However, there is a difference in observing a person's actions when you'd like to meet the same level of accomplishment as they have (such as a singer learning another singer's techniques, an athlete studying another athlete's diet and exercise regimen, and so on) and prying ourselves into places where we're not invited.  I don't care what kind of car they drive, where they live, how their houses are decorated, what they name their children, or where they're vacationing.  None of that matters unless I'm using their accomplishments to set goals of my own.  But to sit and watch everything celebrities do and then talk about it or "expose" them is pointless to me.  Am I alone in my way of thinking?